Home Feeling Cooler Than It Should Be? 3 Places To Check For Air Leaks

If your home feels cooler than it should, heat may be escaping outside instead of staying inside where it belongs. Fortunately, you can take care of this problem in many ways. Below are three places you may find that air is leaking out of your home.

Electrical Outlets

One place you may never think of air escaping is from your electrical outlets. This is especially true if you live in an older home. Even though these drafts are likely very small, think about how many you have in your home. Adding all of them together can result in much larger air leak.

Investigate all your electrical outlets to see if there are any gaps. Even very small gaps can make a difference. You also need to make sure there are no cracks in the outlet covers.  You can easily take care of this problem by using foam plate seals. These are very inexpensive, and can be found at most home improvement centers.  Follow the instructions that come with the foam plate seals you purchase to install them.

If you have large gaps in the electrical outlets, purchase some insulating caulk to fill them in.

Attic Hatch

Check the attic hatch in your home. This is generally located on the ceiling in a closet or hallway. Check the edges of this door to make sure they have weather stripping around them. You will usually feel air coming out of the sides of the door if it has no weather stripping.

On top of this, unheated air from your attic can leak into your home, causing your HVAC unit to work harder to keep your home warm. If there is no weather stripping, or the current weather stripping looks worn, replace it.

Dryer Vent

Air could also be escaping from the dryer vent where it passes through the wall. Go outside and look at the dryer vent. In most cases, this vent will have either a hinged door or a door that flaps.

Open the door or flap, and remove any debris or lint you may see in the vent pipe. Look at the caulking around the edges of the piping. If it is peeled away or looks weathered, remove the caulking and replace it. You can remove it easily by running a utility knife under the caulking and pulling it off as you go. Purchase new dryer caulking at a home improvement store, and run beads of it around the edges of the dryer vent. Use the utility knife to spread the caulking out.

If your home still feels cooler than it should, hire an HVAC technician to take care of heating and air conditioning repair

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