2 Great Furnace Tuneups To Do ASAP

When it comes to central HVAC systems, the furnace is mostly associated with heating. However, it is also vital to air circulation of the air conditioning system. This is why it is so important to keep your furnace in top shape throughout the year. You can't just neglect it during the hot summer months and expect your AC to remain fully efficient. This article explains two simple furnace tuneups that will make sure that your unit is running efficiently. These simple tuneups might not completely fix your furnace if it is malfunctioning, but they are good place to start.

Change the Filter

Some experts suggest changing your furnace filter every month. However, this is probably more frequent than most filters require. Of course, several factors will alter how often you need to change your filter. For instance, if your furnace is in a basement room that is clean and sterile, you probably won't need to change the filter as often as if it were in your dusty garage. But, the best thing to do is to simply access your filter and check it every few months.

The filter is inside a simple compartment that is housed inside the main furnace cabinet. Most furnace cabinets have doors that can be easily opened without any tools. Similarly, the filter compartment has a hinged door that is easy to remove. Just slide the filter out and take a look at it. If the ridges are caked up with dust and dirt, you should change it immediately. If not, wipe out the empty compartment before putting the filter back in place.

Clean the Output Vent

While you have access to the main furnace cabinet, you should clean the output vent. The vent will usually be near the back side of the cabinet that is closest to the wall. First, look at on the outside of your furnace to see where the vent leads from the back of the furnace and into the walls. Then, look from the inside of the cabinet and use a flashlight so you can see. You want to make sure that this output vent is clean, airtight and free of any clogs. If you do use duct tape to seal the vent, only apply it to the outside of the vent. You can snake a hose vacuum through the vent to suck out any possible clogs.

These 2 simple jobs will obviously only take a couple of hours of your time, but they might greatly increase the efficiency of your furnace, so do them ASAP. To ensure that your furnace always runs smoothly, consider contacting a furnace maintenance company.

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