Care For Condenser Coils

The condenser coils that your AC unit uses are responsible for cooling the refrigerant running through them so that it is ready to cycle back to your evaporator coils and provide cooling to your home. Thus, these coils are key to the operation of your system, and if they are not running properly, your system will not reach its peak efficiency. In order to save money on your cooling costs, you need to be careful what you plant around your coils and clean them as necessary. 

Planting Concerns

Condenser coils are not pleasant to look at. They have a drab, utilitarian experience that will not complement the landscaping in your yard unless you are trying to create the look of an industrial park. In any case, most homeowners will try to camouflage their coils by planting bushes or flowers around them. The problem with this tactic is that condenser coils depend on airflow to work properly. If you plant flowers and plants too close to your coils, they can obstruct the flow of air, which will prevent your coils from cooling the refrigerant running through them. For optimum operation, keep plants at least a couple of feet back from your coils. 


No matter whether you plant coils right up against your coils or not, yard debris can get caught in your coils. As insect carcasses, dandelion fluff, grass trimmings, and other debris build up on your coils, they will prevent air from moving through them. To clean your coils, you will need to remove the protective grid that surrounds them, and spray them with a commercially available coil cleaner. Wait a few minutes to give the solvents in the cleaner time to break down the grime on your coils, then scrub them clean with a stiff bristle brush. You then replace the protective grid, and the job is done. 

Condenser coils are easy to forget about as they sit outside your home. On the other hand, cooling your home is one of the highest costs that you have to contend with. Thus, it makes sense to do what you can to protect the function of your coils. Trimming plants so that you don't encroach on your coils is really not difficult. Not only will this help to improve the function of your coils, but it will make it easier to access your coils when it is necessary to clean them. In any case, performing what maintenance you can on your own will help you to save money on cooling as well as on maintenance costs. Contact an HVAC company for more information.

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