Reducing Energy Cost Through Proper Maintenance Of Your Restaurant Refrigeration System

When running a restaurant business, refrigeration accounts for a significant amount of your energy bills. This is due to the overwhelming demand for fresh products, making it necessary to always have supplies at hand. If you are a restaurant owner, do not despair because they are simple steps that you can take to minimize the daily energy cost. Below are some routine maintenance measures you can implement in your restaurant to minimize refrigeration energy costs.

Cleaning evaporator coils and condenser

If your fridge evaporators and condensers are dirty, they will restrict airflow. This drastically reduces the energy efficiency of the refrigeration system.  Clean the condensers and coils once a month to get rid of grim. Use a mild cleaning liquid soap and water because they do not have harsh chemicals that will corrode and damage the metallic surface of the cooler. Alternatively, you can proportionally mix a degreaser with water and use a soft bristle brush to scrub the coils. Fill a spray bottle with clean water and use it to thoroughly flush out the dirt after scrubbing. Remember to mop this dirt that will be deposited on the floor immediately to prevent any accidental falls. To ensure you do not damage the condenser coils, use the up and downward motion when scrubbing.

Insulating suction lines

If your refrigeration system uses remote condensers, the suction lines transport the refrigerant from the evaporator to the compressor. When they absorb heat during this process, they will definitely increase the energy use of the entire refrigeration system. You can make the suction lines more energy efficient by requesting a HVAC contractor to install some inexpensive insulation.   

Replacing worn out gaskets

Wastage of energy in your restaurant increases operational costs, which in turn minimizes profitability. One way that energy is lost is through warped or cracked refrigerator gaskets. To eliminate this problem, have a HVAC technician replace all the worn out gaskets.    

Recharging the refrigerant

If the refrigerant in your walk-in is too little, it will add extra strain on the compressor. It is thus important to keep track of the refrigerant levels by regularly monitoring the refrigerant line, which is displayed on the small window referred to as the slight glass. If you notice any visible bubbles while the refrigeration system is functioning, call a qualified commercial HVAC professional to recharge the refrigerant. This will reduce the strain on the compressor and make your commercial refrigerator more energy efficient.

Commercial HVAC contractors are a helpful resource to restaurant owners implementing energy efficient strategies. They will not only carry out the simple routine maintenance tasks, such as those discussed above but can also help you to formulate a long-term energy saving plan.   

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