3 Simple Steps You Can Take To Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer And Still Stay Cool

Fighting the heat by turning up the AC and a sure way to get a surprise on your energy bills this summer. Before you mess with the dial on the thermostat, you may want to consider other solutions to keep your home cool and reduce the need for air conditioning. Doing things like ventilating your home at night can help reduce air conditioning costs and give your home fresh clean air. In addition, you may want to consider improvements like adding thick curtains to reduce sunlight in windows. Here are some simple steps you can take to reduce your AC energy consumption, reduce wear and prevent repairs:

1. Ventilation With Fresh Air On Cool Nights To Reduce Cooling

One of the best ways you can reduce your energy consumption is to cool your house naturally with ventilation. This can be done by doing several things, such as allowing hot air to escape. You may also want to ventilate your home at night by opening windows and letting fresh air circulate through your home. To do this, you can create a natural heat convection current to suck the hot air out. What you can do is open a window on a lower level and on an upper level to allow the heat to escape. For a single-story home, this can be done by opening adjacent windows to create a cross breeze that will carry the hot air out of your home.

2. Program Your Thermostat For Maximum Efficiency According To Your Needs

It may seem obvious, but programming your thermostat can do a lot to reduce your cooling costs. Many people do not realize what they can do with the programming features of their thermostats. You can control when and how your AC comes on for maximizing energy efficiency. When you are at work, you may want to adjust the settings to let your home be a little warmer, and then, program it to cool more before you start your evening commute. You can also set it to the lowest settings while you are a sleep at night.

3. Service Your AC Unit And Do More Frequent Maintenance For Optimal Performance

Servicing your AC unit is another way to improve the efficiency of your home's air conditioning. This is something that you may want to have a professional AC technician do for you annually. In addition to your annual service visit, there are also some maintenance tasks that you can do more frequently to improve performance. Change you filter more often to ensure maximum air flow, as well as clean and check vents often to ensure that there is nothing restricting your system. 

By reducing the use of your AC, you will get many benefits, which are more than just energy savings. It can also reduce the maintenance and repair costs of your air conditioning. If you need help with maintenance to ensure your system is in good shape, contact an HVAC contractor (such as one from Advanced Heating & Cooling) and talk with them about additional improvements to help reduce your cooling costs this summer.

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