How To Remember To Change Your AC Filter

The air filters of your HVAC system need to be changed regularly to make sure that your system is able to operate efficiently and to also improve the quality of the air you breathe. However, it is easy to not remember to clean or replace your air filter when it is a responsibility that you do not have to fulfill very often. Therefore, you should look for ways to make it easier to remember that you must change your HVAC filter.

Label The Filters

Write down the date that the HVAC filter was last replaced on a label that is placed on the filter. This date will allow for the filter to be changed within the appropriate time frame.

Use Notification Systems

Use one of a multitude of systems available to remind yourself that you need to change your filter, such as a notification system on your smartphone or tablet. You can set a specific date and have the notification provide details on what needs to be done.

Change Your Filters Monthly

If you want to keep things simple, consider simply changing your filters monthly. While you technically only need to change them every three months, if you are changing the filter on the same day each month, it will be much easier to remember. Regularly changing the filter will also ensure that the air in your home is much cleaner.

Keep The Filters In A Noticeable Location

Place the AC filters in a noticeable location. Then, you will be more likely to remember they are there. They will be on your mind and you will be more likely to change them. Also, place a sticky note on the filters with the date in which the filter should be replaced.

Sign Up For A Filter Delivery Service

Consider signing up for a filter delivery service. When the new filter arrives, you will be reminded to replace your filter by the delivery. Also, you won't have to go through the hassle of going out and picking it up yourself.

Bundle Filter Changing With Your Chores

Create a list of chores that are associated with each other. Each chore on the list will be performed together. For example, you might dust your window blinds and clean your gutters every three months. When using notifications, the notification could simply remind you of all these chores at once.

Get A Filter Change Indicator

Consider getting a filter change indicator. This device will determine when the filter likely needs to be changed and a light will turn on to indicate this. 

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