3 Air Conditioning Myths That Could Cost You Cash And Comfort

With so much information about air conditioning, there's bound to be a few "facts" that aren't as truthful as they seem. In fact, these well-known air conditioning myths not only make it harder to keep your home cool and comfortable, but they'll also result in steeper maintenance and repair costs. Knowing how to recognize and bust the following myths can help your home keep its cool and keep your wallet intact.

Myth #1: Bigger is Better

The bigger the air conditioner, the better the cooling, right? As it turns out, getting the biggest air conditioner your home can handle won't provide a big bang for your buck. Buying an A/C system that provides a larger cooling capacity than your home can handle can result in comfort and efficiency issues. For starters, an oversized A/C may fall into a short-cycling loop as it struggles to maintain your desired temperatures.

Oversized A/C systems can also cool your home too quickly, believe it or not. Your A/C unit won't have enough time to properly dehumidify the air as temperatures plummet, leaving your home feeling not just cold, but also a bit clammy. To add insult to injury, oversized A/C units also consume more electricity than their properly-sized counterparts.

Myth #2: Lower Equals Cooler

Cranking your thermostat down to its lowest setting won't make your A/C cool any faster. Air conditioning systems condition indoor air at a steady rate, meaning there's no way to actually rush the cooling process. Setting your thermostat on its lowest temperature will only make your A/C system run longer to reach that specific temperature. Not only is it a waste of time, but you'll also waste energy on excess cooling your home doesn't need.

Myth #3: No A/C While You're Away Saves Money

Leaving your air conditioner off while you're at work won't actually save you any money. Instead, you may end up spending more money in the long run. The amount of energy spent cooling off a hot house at the end of a long day will negate any savings you'll see by leaving your A/C off while you're away.

Instead, you're better off using a programmable thermostat to create a modest temperature setback. Setting your air conditioning temperatures back by a few degrees will not only reduce your A/C system's energy consumption while you're out, but it'll also take far less effort to cool your home down when you get back.

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