Ductless AC Could Be The Answer To Your Summer Heat Problems

It's hot... it's humid... and the electric fans just aren't cutting it! You are keeping your windows open all day and night, attempting to strategically place fans to circulate the air and make your space tolerable. But, all of these efforts are just in vain. So, what do you do? Obviously, if you had a ton of time and money, you would have your home kitted with a new central AC system that is energy efficient, quiet, eco-friendly, equipped with smart technologies, and powerful. But, such a system can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, so most homeowners just can't afford such a luxurious upgrade. What are your other cooling options?

Ductless AC Units

Ductless AC units come in many forms. Almost all of them will run solely on electricity. What does this mean? It means that your utility bill is going to take a hit if you have one (or many) ducts units around your home. But, they can be very smart and useful when used correctly. That is, a ductless AC unit should always be placed where there is good airflow.

Window units are the best example. A ductless unit draws warm air out of the home as it pumps cold, dry air into it. So, window units work the best, as opposed to having a ductless unit placed in the middle of a room. Such a unit could be creating more heat than cold air, all the while sucking up a ton of electricity. Window units are efficient because the warm air is effectively dissipated through the exterior condenser coils while the cold air is pumped through the motor. This heat exchange is mutually beneficial to both parts of the unit since you don't want the hot air created by the motor just being recirculated into the home.

An Evaporator

Ductless AC units, whether they are freestanding or window mounted, have an important component that normal fans and coolers don't have. They have an evaporator the removes moisture from the air before pumping it through the motor. First of all, dry air flows much more quickly. Second, it doesn't cause rust. Third, it feels much more comfortable. This the air being conditioned (not just cooled). And, this is the main difference between an electric fan and an AC unit.

As you can see, ductless AC units are probably your best choice if you can't afford central AC. For more information, contact a company like APH Mechanical.

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