Need Hot Water And Heat In A Small Space But Trying To Avoid Gas Lines? What To Do

If you have a cabin or lake house, cottage or small living space that doesn't get a lot of use, and you are looking for efficient ways to heat the space and to have hot water without installing a gas line, there are some things to take into consideration. If you know that you are only going to use the area a handful of times, or that your heating and hot water needs don't required brand new large appliances, talk with the HVAC experts in the area or plumbing professionals about the installation of these things.

Best Space Heaters

You may not need a large heating appliance for the home, and instead you may just want to use a space heater, or some type of small heater that you plug in. If there isn't room in the house to install ducts or not a lot of rooms to heat, a fireplace an small, safe and efficient heaters may be the best option. Talk with the professionals to see if an infrared heater, oil heater, or other type of heater would be best.

Geothermal Heaters

If you are looking for something larger to regulate the temperature, and a system that can both heat and cool the small living area, a geothermal heater may be the right option for your property. This unit will remove hot air and humidity when temperatures are rising, assisting with keeping the home cool. During colder temperatures it will pull heat from existing areas, like under the ground and under water, to help keep the space warm.

Solar or Geothermal Water Heating

You can plug in a small heater to get warmth in the space, but heating water is something different. If you want to make sure that you have a hot water source that is also efficient, you want to talk with the experts about these options:

  • Geothermal hot water heating
  • Solar hot water heating options
  • Tankless units that run on electricity

Find out what pick with be the top choices for your space, based on your water needs and the geological location of the house or living space.

You can get the heat and hot water that you need without needing to have a gas line that goes to the property. You want to meet with the property heating and cooling professionals, to make sure that you are going to be comfortable in the space with what you want to install, and to get estimates on the best options for your property. Contact a service, like West County Heating and Cooling, for more help.

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