Is Your Furnace Continuously Shutting Off? These 4 Reasons May Be Why

Have you noticed that your furnace is continuously shutting off for no apparent reason? Winter is in full force, so the last thing that you want or need is for your heating system to start malfunctioning on an extremely cold evening. The following information will help you with the troubleshooting of your HVAC system and ensure that you remain comfortable through the winter season.

Check the Air Filter

The air filter is solely responsible for the efficient air flow of the HVAC system. In order to ensure that the system continues to operate smoothly and efficiently, it is crucial that your air filter is changed every one to three months. If the air filter gets too dirty and gets clogged up, then the air is unable to freely flow through it. If this happens, the heating system could randomly shut off.

Check the Windows

Once the air around the thermostat is determined to be properly heated, the furnace will turn off. If air tends to dissipate quickly as a result of inadequate window sealing, then you can expect that your home will cool off quicker than it should. As a result, the furnace will come back on to heat the home. So, inspect the window seals for tears, cracks, and any other signs of damage or wear and tear. If you need to replace anything, you can find inexpensive weatherstripping at a nearby home improvement store.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat monitors the surrounding temperature and adjusts the furnace accordingly. If the thermostat is old, has dead batteries, or is situated in an area of the home that is particularly warm, then it may cause the heating unit to shut off regularly. You may want to consider talking to a professional about having the thermostat relocated to a central part of the home away from excessive warmth or upgrading to a modern model.

Check the Furnace Size

It is possible for your furnace to be too large for your home. Some homeowners believe that buying a larger furnace will simply improve the unit's capability of heating and cooling the home, but it actually results in the unit malfunctioning. If it is too large for the space, it creates too much heat in a short period of time, causing the furnace to cycle more often.

If your heating system is cycling on and off constantly, get in touch with a heating repair service near you today.

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